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Lewis Charlesworth is a very talented writer.

June 2019

In the current period of overheated intolerance and mud-slinging, the gentle but very funny approach taken in The Greek is a welcome breath of fresh air.

July 2019

An honest, funny and compassionate script, coupled with three pitch-perfect performances, made for an enjoyable, thought-provoking and surprisingly hopeful piece of theatre. I hope The Greek gets another run at some point – if it does, you should definitely see it!

July 2019

The farcical elements strengthen and plot twists that are genuinely surprising emerge allowing the humour to become more complex and satisfying.....On the basis of Cheaters: A Play About Infidelity it looks like Lewis Charlesworth’s transition from comedian to playwright has been a success.

July 2018

Overall this is just over an hour of farce and fun that you can’t help but laugh out loud to.  Lewis Charlesworth has done an amazing job in his first outing as a writer...One thing for certain, this won’t be his last play.

May 2018

It is classic farce and a wonderful hour of laughs from start to finish.....The acting on show tonight was first class especially from Charlesworth. His facial expressions and general nervousness were worth the ticket price alone.

July 2018

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